Our dedicated perovskite photovoltaic research and development team is continuously pushing the boundaries to further develop the composition and cell architecture of our perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cell material.
We have achieved
Advanced perovskite photovoltaic solution

World record efficiency perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells. Read more

Passed industry IEC reliability tests

Our tandem prototype cells have passed tests under high humidity and temperature, consistent with the testing PV manufacturers use to certify products. 

Positive environmental impact

Verified in first results, from CHEOPS independent study on Oxford PV’s full size 156 mm x 156 mm tandem solar cells. Read more

Strong global IP position

Exclusive access to the fundamental IP from Professor Snaith’s Oxford University lab, combined with our own extensive patent portfolio.

All-perovskite solar cell research

Introducing Oxford PV and Oxford University's government-funded, five-year research project to develop a thin-film multi-junction perovskite solar cell, with a target 37% efficiency and long-term stability.

The EPSRC grant is designed to support long-term, research-based partnerships between business and universities, with national and global importance.

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Our research partners
Oxford University Inovation and Oxford University
Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin