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Commonly asked questions

Our product will be our ‘plug and play’ solar cells for standard solar modules. These cells will be based on our proprietary perovskite-on-silicon tandem photovoltaic (PV) technology which breaks the performance limit of conventional solar materials. 

We expect our initial solar cell product to have an efficiency of about 27%, and we have a roadmap to increase this to beyond 30%.

The high efficiency of our product means it will produce 20% more power compared with conventional PV technology. This makes our product particularly attractive for use in space-constrained areas, such as residential rooftops. 

Solar panels with our solar cells will enable homes and businesses to generate at least 20% more electricity than comparably sized, conventional solar PV panels. This will further reduce society’s reliance on fossil fuels, helping households and business owners to save even more on energy bills, feed more electricity into the grid, or store more of it in batteries or electric vehicles.

We have designed our product to be highly efficient and reliable.

  • Our solar cells will produce at least 20% more power compared with silicon solar PV cells.
  • Our tandem PV cells will meet or exceed all industry lifetime expectations. They have passed all the key reliability tests (e.g. IEC) used by solar module manufacturers.

The full product features will be available when modules with our solar cells are commercially available for purchase.

We expect that sales of our perovskite-on-silicon solar cells to panel manufacturers will start after we achieve our first module certification in late 2023, with deliveries to those customers in 2024. As a result, solar modules with our product will not come onto the market until 2024. When the first solar panels with our product become available on the market, we will be updating our website with the information.

If you are a solar PV system installer/distributor, an energy/engineering consultant, a commercial site owner/designer, and project developer, or a facilities manager, you may register your interest with our commercial team via our contact form.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we've designed our cells with the highest standards.

  • We use raw materials that are abundant and won’t deplete the earth. We also do not source ingredients from conflict countries.
  • We have engineered our perovskite solar cell to be highly resource-efficient. The higher power output of PV modules with our product offsets the carbon footprint embodied in the production of high-purity silicon needed for PV cells.
  • Solar modules with our perovskite product can be recycled using the same technology for current PV modules.

For more information on our sustainability commitment, please see this page.

As our product is the solar cell within the solar panel, we will not be selling directly to homeowners. When the first solar panels with our solar cells become available on the market, we will be updating our website with the information.


Pricing information is not available currently.

Our market entry product is our perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cell for standard solar modules in residential rooftop applications. In future, our solar cells will also be available for use in utility-scale applications.

If you are interested in investing in Oxford PV please contact our investor relations team via our contact page

Oxford PV's pilot and production line in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany