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Our product will be our ‘plug and play’ solar cells for standard solar modules. These cells will be based on our proprietary, world record-setting perovskite-on-silicon tandem photovoltaic (PV) technology that smashes the performance limit of conventional solar conversion materials. 

We expect our initial product to have a performance efficiency of about 27%, and we have a roadmap to increase this to beyond 30%.

The high efficiency of our product enables it to produce 20% more power compared with conventional PV technology on the market today. This makes our product particularly attractive for installation in space-constrained areas, such as rooftops. 

We have designed our product to be highly efficient and reliable.

  • Our solar cells will produce at least 20% more power output compared with conventional solar PV cells on the market today. 
  • They will have comparable industry lifetime to silicon PV – our cells have passed all the key reliability tests used by solar module manufactures and the electrical industry.

  • Our solar cells have the same form factor as conventional silicon cells, so they can be assembled readily into standard PV modules.  

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and we’ve designed our cells with the highest standards.

  • We use raw materials that are abundant and that won’t deplete the earth. When we engineered our perovskite, we chose ingredient elements that are globally abundant for decades to come, and we do not source from conflict countries.
  • We have engineered our perovskite solar cell to be highly resource-efficient. The higher power output of PV modules with our product could also offset the carbon footprint embodied in the production of high-purity silicon needed for PV cells.
  • Solar modules with our perovskite product can be recycled using the same technology for current PV modules.

For more information on our sustainability commitment, please see this page: Our sustainability commitment 

We are working towards having commercial output of our product in 2022. If you are an installer and would like to source modules with our technology, we encourage you to check with your local distributor in 2022. We do not intend to sell directly to homeowners; if you are a homeowner, please check with your local solar installer from 2022 as to where they may source PV panels with our technology.

In the meantime, we encourage you to follow our news and progress here on our website or on our LinkedIn page ( where we will provide updates. 

We are working towards having the first commercial output of our solar modules installed with our perovskite-on-silicon technology in 2022. Therefore, pricing information is not available currently. We encourage you to check with solar module distributors or your local solar installer for pricing information at a later time.

We are working towards having the first commercial output of solar modules installed with our perovskite-on-silicon technology in 2022. Please check our website at that time for further information about our product features and capabilities.  

Our market entry product is our perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cell for standard solar modules for rooftop applications. In future, it will be possible to apply our technology to utility-scale solar and specialty applications such as space.

Our disruptive technology has the potential to enable efficiency gains and, through resulting cost reductions, transform the economics of silicon photovoltaics.

Learn more about our perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cell technology here.

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